I love jazz. I think it is one of the most creative, beautiful, expressive art forms in all of creation. I’ve often said if I wasn’t doing what I am now I would really want to be one of those guys that just record elevator music for a living. 😀 The below pieces are some instrumental jazz tunes I’ve written and recorded. Just like in all other forms of art every expression has a story. Some I can share and some are just too personal, but if you like jazz or instrumental music hopefully you’ll like some of these.

Growing up in the church around a piano, organ, and singing I always have loved gospel, inspirational, and contemporary Christian music. A couple of years after being out of the music business I became inspired to record & play again after being out of it for 10 years.  Unfortunately all of my studio gear and instruments were gone but just a few. What you hear in these recordings were recorded into GarageBand® using a midi keyboard to record each instrument, a trumpet & trombone, and AKG condenser studio mic.

Here are a few of those demos:


Happy Now – Everyone who is 40 years or older has at least seen Charlie Brown’s Christmas at least once. All I can remember is that wonderful music that became the sound-bed of an American classic. This song was written and recorded after watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas a few years ago, so the influence of phrasing and instrumentation is there. The tittle could have as easily been called, “doodling in Cm.”


Storm Praise – After losing the music business I got into another business and everything was going fairly smoothly. Then the laws governing the industry I just started in changed drastically having a profound impact on my business. My first reaction was to panic, but then after much prayer, seeking wisdom from The Lord I found myself at my keyboard playing this. There was no lyrics that ever came, but this sort of became a sound track to my focused petition I was making to God. Listening to it now it’s sort of amazing as the very concentrated, single minded prayers and petitions I was making can be heard in the chord structure of the song. This song literally has only 2 chords that toggle back and forth from a major to a minor. It’s amazing how music can offer a sound track to parts deep within our soul when we allow it.


Breaking Through – Amazingly this song is very connected to Storm Praise. I didn’t know it at the time but my time of prayer and petitioning of help, hope, and favor was answered. A few years later I find myself more satisfied personally and professionally than I had ever been. This is the song that one evening I just started playing and writing. Understanding the context of the prior struggle to place I found myself is absolutely amazing. That transition can be heard in this song very well.


Smoove Groove – My favorite music channel on my Sirus XM radio is Water Colors. It is the epitamy of total relaxed, soaking in a spa music. When I purchased my new Honda Pilot it came with the Sirus XM radio and this quickly became a pre-programmed channel of mine. One day after riding back from a conference I was at I couldn’t rest so I got to my keyboard and started recording this. I guess after 4 hours of driving back with Watercolors on this is what came out. 😀 On a side note many of my Christian married friends have begged me to name this “song of solomon” and have some deep baritone voiced guy read passages from song of solomon over the sound track. While I think that is hysterical, I have refrained thus far. 😉


Inspired for More – After podcasting for several years I decided I needed my own theme. I kept going back and forth what kind of theme to produce, but after listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast this tune hit me. This is not in my normal wheel house of jazz, rock, or gospel, but I think it strikes the mood that I am trying to convey. After feeling inspired to write my book, You are Worth More it hit me. This is the song.