Live Board Mixes

After getting the bug of playing and recording I decided to record a few of our live worship services and rehearsals. Below are some 2 tracks off of my monitor mix. I’m currently working setting up multi-tracks to be able to post-produce many of our live songs, but thought it would be fun to post a few of the live ones.


Lord You Are Good – This Israel Houghton song was an anthem at our church in the early 2000’s. Lot’s of energy, upbeat, and great song to energize, focus, and engage the congregation. We had a lot of fun playing this in live worship services for many years.


So Good to Me – I love the grove of this song. One of the newer songs we picked up along the way, this was brought to me by one of our praise team members at the time. They thought the rythm and style was a good fit for me, and they were right! As soon as I heard it, I loved it. My son on drums does a great job of locking me down before I get to far off at the beginning. This is another 2 track off the board. I HATE the tone of the drums and tom toms, but unfortunately they were not EQ’s well in our monitor mix. This was the source feed of this recording.


Trading My Sorrows – If there was ever a song that we probably just slapped wore out it was this one. A very popular praise & worship chorus from the late 90’s by Matt Redman, this song has had some millage. I still like the song, but I’d be ok if I never played it again too. When I watch groups like Chicago who’ve been touring now for 50 years straight, and in many cases playing the same songs that long, I am amazed. Still a popular song in many circles with was a live recording of a worship service back in 2015.


He Set Me Free – This ol’ pentecostal hymn is one I never heard until years after I had started leading worship. The first time I heard it was by Lindell Cooley during a live worship service at Brownsville back in the mid 90’s. I loved the R&B blues riff he used to arrange this song with. It wasn’t until years later hearing the original version that I appreciated how far from the original I had strayed. lol 😀 This was recording in the same service Trading My Sorrows was recorded