Studio Demo’s

Growing up in the church around a piano, organ, and singing I always have loved gospel, inspirational, and contemporary Christian music. A couple of years after being out of the music business I became inspired to record & play again after being out of it for 10 years.  Unfortunately all of my studio gear and instruments were gone but just a few. What you hear in these recordings were recorded into GarageBand® using a midi keyboard to record each instrument, a trumpet & trombone, and AKG condenser studio mic.

Here are a few of those demos:


Shake Loose / Come into This House – Playing on praise bands in the 90’s these two songs were very popular at the time. Being a horn player that listened to groups like Chicago & EW&F, this is my interpretation of these P&W classics. Warning: You’ll have to like 70’s funk to appreciate this version. 🙂


He’s Strong & Mighty – As a P&W leader at multiple churches I always thought the most meaningful songs were original ones. This was one of my originals that seemed to resonate for many at the time it was written. When visiting churches I’ve minister at in the past I’m still to this day asked to play & sing this one. David asked, “who is this King of Glory?” The Lord Strong & Mighty, The Lord mighty in battle.


Awesome in this Place – Probably one of my all time favorite worship songs from the 80’s is this one. I’m a child of that era so the chord changes, melody structure, and groove just feels right to me. On this one you will hear my Chicago influences come out more than most as I used the trombone a lot on the brass arrangement. If Jimmy Pankow did the horn arrangement for this classic 80’s worship chorus this is how I would imagine it would sound.


How He Love Us / Love Lifted Me – A newer worship song that I really became fond of was by John Mark McMillan called “Oh how he loves us”. Probably my favorite subject matter in all of theology, I take this newer worship chorus and combine it with my interpretation of an old Evangelical Hymn. My pentecostal / charismatic upbringing and influences will be heard in this throughout. Ironically I still can’t play love lifted me to this day in a way where people can actually sing along with it. 🙂 lol


Heart of Worship – Leading worship in the 90’s this was a great call to reflection and to challenge the motives in what we claimed was our act of “worship.” Some would argue this is probably the most popular worship chorus in several decades. I believe through the passing of time it will probably be this generations “Amazing Grace.” No matter the denomination or theological persuasion this song seems to resonate.


Worthy of My Praise – A very simple 3 chord ditty that used to be a very popular P&W chorus in the early 90’s. When I first started playing around GarageBand® this was a great demo to play with. This was my actual first recording I did after starting back up. Probably not the best audio mix of the group, but was fun trial song to play with.


Hello My Name Is – A few years ago Matthew West recorded this song and I loved it the moment it started popping up on Youtube. Whether in or outside the church a person can only achieve what they give themselves permission to. This song drives home the message of understanding your true identity agreeing with God about you, and embracing His truth for greater things.


Shelter – I was at a worship conference back in 2006 in FL and heard this song performed by Kent Henry who actually wrote it as well.  I fell in love with it and started using it in worship services immediately afterwards. I didn’t know at that time two years later my music business which was solely dependent on the construction of new homes would go under. This song became an anthem, a prayer, a cry, and means to commune with my Lord and Savior for solace.  To be very honest I wanted to go back and re-record this as it’s very rough. My emotions in several portions of the song got the better of me, especially around the 5:50 mark, but unfortunately I lost the master multi-track and decided that was a sign to just leave it raw. Some of the vocals, and mix is rough, but it’s honest.


Wailing into Dancing – The first time I heard this song was at a Promise Keepers Conference back in the mid 90’s. I love the Gospel R&B feel it has and this is my version of this PK Anthem. In this you will hear my Bryan Duncan influences really come out, especially toward the end with the trombone solo. I wished I had Bryan’s vocal range, but unfortunately I could only match his enthusiasm on this one. 😀


How Sweet it is to be loved by you – Yes that one. I love James Taylor what can I say? Anyone from NC can’t be that bad. One of my favorite things to do is take old tunes that most people love and re-purpose them to be able to be used in the context of a worship service. In my church we call this “redeeming” a song. Call it what you want, but I have always loved this song, and to be able to use in church has always been fun. It’s always fun to watch new people look confused when I do it. By the 2nd verse they’ve relaxed and start to sing along. 😀 lol


Great is thy Faithfulness – My all time favorite hymn for so many reasons. Strangely I never learned how to play this until years later. In the tradition of the church I grew up in we really didn’t sing a lot of hymns, but more praise choruses. Years later when I started ministering in other denominations I wanted to learn “traditional” hymns that would resonate with the members in those churches. This was one of the first “traditional” hymns I learned.


Let it Rise – This was one of my favorite songs to kick off a Sunday Morning worship list back in the day. Not a very complex tune, but a good energetic song to wake the audience up and get everyone focused. This is my R&B version of a classic Praise Chorus from the 90’s.