Talent on loan from God

Are you talking yourself out of the greatness that has been put on the inside of you? Are you aware how your distinctive giftedness and talent can be used to change not only your life, but the world around you?

In this series I talk about a familiar story of the talents, but I share a practical way you can begin to leverage the greatness on the inside of you and why you can’t wait any longer.

Going in Circles or Cycles – Week 1

Are you a pessimist or an optimist, or does it really matter? In this session we discuss the first 6 levels to overcome to avoid going in circles. We also talked about avoiding being sabotaged by others, and being a sabotage for others in their journey to grow to the next level as well.

March 5th at Fathers Vineyard In Spindale, NC

Levels covered:

  • Leaving it behind
  • Decisions for the future
  • Shame
  • Protection & Provision
  • Standing
  • Fruitfulness